Why You Should Have At Least Two eBay ID's

Firstly, it is definitely allowed by eBay to have two different accounts. You just need a second/different email address for the additional accounts.

1) If you sell on eBay you should never buy with your selling ID. If you run into a seller that you must leave a less than positive feedback for, you may get a less than positive feedback in return. This can be devastating to your seller account but doesn't really hurt your buyer account.

2) If you buy and sell on eBay, as a seller, you don't want your buyers to be able to look up and see what you paid for an item. They might be just about to bid on that bargain Tr-7 that you got for $350 and they check your feedback and see that you now have it listed with an opening bid of $470! They may go and look elsewhere.

3) You need to have a separate buyer ID because believe it or not there are buyer stalkers. If you're very good at spotting deals, you'll want to use a discrete buying ID to snap up those bargains. If someone slick catches on to your technique, they will follow you.

Paypal is no problem as you can easily add different email address's to your Paypal account. Please if you buy and sell on eBay, get yourself another email address and register now.


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